Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does SignUp Genius tell me that the group starts in May 2017?

A: I set all of the groups for May 31, 2017 to allow people to sign up all year. This ensures that you receive as many postcards as possible in your group. All groups will start on March 31, 2017 or sooner if they are full.

Q: What if the states in my group do not fill up?
A: If your group does not fill, I will start all groups by March 31st at the latest. You may consider exploring the regions of the United States, sign-up classroom relatives who are willing to send postcards, or sign up as a Bonus State. Learn more at I do not merge or move people without permission as some teachers prefer to sign up with a group of others. You are welcome to move groups up until the point when I send out the contact list for your group.

Q: What is the deadline for sending the postcards?
A: All postcards should be mailed by May 31, 2017 or sooner depending on your group. The due date will be in the subject of your Google doc.

Q: Are the groups leveled by grade?
A: The groups are not leveled, but some people share their group with a Facebook group or other on-line group. The multi-level groups have worked well as some of the younger grades tend to type their postcard information for students to glue on.

Q: I am new to The Postcard Exchange. What should I expect?
A: There is an introduction to the project at I will e-mail a Google doc with a list of addresses from your group. The Shop page ( ) has links to two TPT products that can guide you through the writing and receiving process.

Q: My group did not start last year, and my students were disappointed. Will this happen again?
A: All groups will be started, but they may not fill up. I recommend that you switch to regions if this occurs.

Q: Why does the project start on March 31, 2017? Do any groups start sooner?
A: The project allows people to sign up all year to fill as many states as possible. I start the groups on March 31 to allow people time to send postcards before school gets out for summer. Groups will start sooner if they fill up.

Q: Who fills out the postcards?
A: Many teachers of younger students type up information and have the students glue it to the postcard. Older students are welcome to write out the postcards.

Q: How do I receive information about my group?
A: It will be e-mailed to you in a Google Doc.

Q: Will additional groups open? My state is filled?
A: I am not opening more groups as experience has taught me that the groups will not fill. You are welcome to sign up as a Bonus Card State.